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Your past contains the keys to your future

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Benefits of Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy has been able to assist many people to transform their lives.

Improvements reported by people who have experienced past life regression are greater levels of:

  • sense of purpose
  • freedom,
  • self confidence,
  • happiness,
  • wealth,
  • health,
  • peace of mind,

Belief is not necessary

You don't have to believe in past lives in order to benefit from past-life therapy.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in past lives, the emotions and experiences you have during a past life regression session act as catalysts which may improve your self-understanding and help you to change your life.

It doesn't matter whether your experiences during a past-life session are subconscious metaphors for issues in your present life or whether they are actual past life memories. This is because the benefits that you receive from the therapy arise from experiencing and understanding the subconscious feelings, patterns and memories.

The truth is that it isn't possible to know whether your experiences in a past life regression session are real memories of past lives or something that has been made up by your subconscious. But that's not important, because if your subconscious made them up then it did so for a reason and the real value comes from identifying the lessons that are there to be learnt.

What is past life regression?

Past life regression therapy is a powerful healing tool which works throughout the many levels of your being: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. It's a form of hypnotherapy where the objective is to discover the original source of a problem and then to go back and bring healing to that original trauma.

The typical past life regression session.

The typical past life regression therapy session will consist of four stages.

  • Some therapists, but not all, will start by setting a clear intention for what you'd like to get out of the past-life session. Setting this clear intention will assist your subconscious mind to remember the memories that are most relevant to you. Other therapists leave this part out as they feel it is better not to try to influence the outcome in this way.

  • In step two, the therapist will gently guide you to enter a very relaxed state of mind.

  • The third stage is where the majority of the past life session will be spent. During this stage you'll go back to a previous lifetime and recall the most important events of that life. Particular note is taken of situations or relationships that were left unresolved.

  • During the final stage of the regression session the therapist will gently guide you to closing that life and all its lessons, so as to fully reintegrate the experience, along with any learnings, healing or connection to the present day.

    Sometimes the very act of remembering the past life circumstances in which a fear or an illness first arose may be sufficient to bring healing and improvement to your present life.

In a past life regression session, as with all hypnosis, you will always be in control of what you are doing. You will know where you are and what you're doing and who you are. And of course, most importantly, you'll allways be in complete control of the process so that you can stop it whenever you choose.

Why past life regression works

The reason that past life regression works is because re-experiencing the central events of a past life and reprocessing their impact on you helps to bring closure to the events of that previous lifetime.

By returning to the source of something, your mind gets a different perspective on the situations in your present life.

This fresh understanding can often lead the mind to realise that there isn't any good reason to carry on with the out-dated behaviour, and thus it's much easier to improve your current life situation.

Past Life Regression leads to better understanding

Exploring past lives may help shed new light on your current lifetime. It may provide you with answers to questions such as:

  • What baggage have I brought into my current life?
  • What are my important life lessons in my present life?
  • Do recurring emotional patterns in my current lifetime have origins in events which took place many lifetimes ago?
  • Are there any recurring patterns in my previous lifetimes?

Your past life regression therapy session

  • Your past life regression therapy session with a therapist from Past Life Regression Brisbane may be 1.5 to 3 hours long (depending on the therapist you select).
  • Our session includes deluxe full essential oil treatment - approximately 15 layers of essential oils on hands, back and feet.
  • A past life regression session costs $130.
  • Therapists with Past Life Regression Brisbane conduct their sessions on the North side of Brisbane.

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